Fandamonium is a 3D game project from Rigidbuddy team for GaTech Video Game Design course.
The project focued on AIs of entities and interaction among them in 3D environment. We also designed for engaging gaming experience through goal, time, penatlies and rewards.


Collectable Sunglasses:
There are different sytle sunglasses each scene.
They are collectable when get reached out.
It displays HUD that sunglasses item is currently in-use.
While player wears it, it prevents the swarm of fans from from following the player for 5 seconds.

Navmesh Agents: Cow, Alpaca, Donkey
Implementation of AI algorithm and animator for Moving Animals.
Idle: wander around within a distance
Flee: when player approaches to them, they run away from the player till they reach the safe distance from the player
Dead: if player run fast enough and reach them, they fall down and die.

PROpportunities: Cat, Dog
Implementation of AI algorithm and animator for Cat and Dog.
Cat is shaking due to a bumble bee flying around. Player can help it and get PR points.
Dog is walking in circle to get attention from the player. Player can reach them and get PR points.
When player have interactions with them, they look at the player and heart pops up.

Navmesh setting for tutorial scene so that moving animals can walk around

In-Game Menu: [removed]
pause game on start, resume, restart level, quitting game, and GUI for audio setting[removed]


RigidBuddy team members: Mireysa Gonzalez, Chris Edwards, Andrew Davenport

3D model of Sunglasses:
Pixel Sunglasses by TRASH - TANUKI [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza
Sunglasses by jeremy [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza
Glasses by iPoly3D via Poly Pizza
Animation and Prefab of Moving Animals (Cow, Alpaca, Donkey):
Animated Animal Pack, Farm Animal Pack by Quaternius via Poly Pizza
Animation and Prefab of Cat:
Meelo the Cat - Quirky Series by Omabuarts Studio via Unity Asset store
Animation and Prefab of Bee:
Animated Low Poly Animals by Acorn Bringer via Unity Asset store
3D model of Heart:
Heart Full by Google.Poly via Poly Pizza
Audio clips:
Dog: bsperan,tatianafeudal via
Cat: 16GPanskaZlochova_Eliska, Breviceps
Bee: RuanZA

Aug-Dec, 2022