• Hello Vibe Motors
    Arnav and I played with vibrating motors using basic Arduino PWM. Used the example codes ‘Blink’ and ‘Fade’, but connected vibrating motors instead of LEDs.
  • Haptic Motor Driver

    We connected Motor Driver, but forgot to take a documentation. We connected mic jack to the IN port of Motor Driver to change audio input to vibration. For some reason, it didn’t work, but we saw another team linked piezo sensor to IN port. I guess digital audio input needs more complicated connection.
  • Motor Arrays
    We spent given time to work with motor driver, so we don’t have the documentation of motor arrays. I worked on the final project using many motors at the same time so I can show it on that part.
  • Haptic Buffet

    Phil and I worked to make a rainmaker. The point was giving a sensation of rain drops on the palm. The below is what we ended up with..

By putting a vibrating motor on a rotating axis we tried to make that feeling, but it rather feels like having a small tornado on your palm. We started with several motors all together but take most of them off since the wires tangled to each other. Even the feeling wasn’t quite close to what we expected but still gave a satisfying sensation. I guess the point was not letting people touch the motor directly, having very thin enclosure between skin and the motor.
  • Final Project
    Based on the last experiment, we polished the rainmaker. We laser-cut thin strong cardboard as a raindrop shape. The raindrop is slightly bigger than the size of a palm since we want people not to grab the drop, but let sit the raindrop box on a palm and focus on the sensation. After setting the position of each motors, we programmed each motor has different vibrating frequency and rhythm randomly. One of the motors vibrating consistently while the others vibrates once in a while, tried to give the random raindrop sensation.

It feels pretty much raindrops even the video sounds like popcorn maker. :)
November 6, 2018