Final Proposal

AI created Public Service Advertising

Based on PSA Ads phrases, we want to show how sly the border of public good and propaganda.

We will collect PSA Ads phrases and statements of controversial politicians, and generate sentences from them. We hope those sentences gives feeling that the phrases sounds right, but also could be manipulated for political purposes.

For implementation for the idea, we will post the printed ads in public spaces.

The AI creative director up-close, wielding a calligraphy pen. -McCann Japan


We want to convert 2D photos to 3D scene. After users upload their photos, we will detect the objects from the photos and the size of them, and generated 3D scene and arrange their position from the persons view.

YOLO —————————————————————> WebVR

kind, # of objects 3D objects

size of objects depth from the view

position of objects position arrangement

like this…?
November 27, 2018