Project Awkward

This project is a VR education/game at MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon.

Project Awkward is a gamified VR education for socially awkward people.
By putting themselves in awkward situations, such as talking to random people at the party or work. Users can practice their dialogue skills without any social risks in real life.
To make the experience natural, the team used Natural Language Processing in Microsoft Azure (LUIS).
By registering similar words and phrases, Project Awkward can understand semantically, rather than just understand registered lines.
For example, if the suggested answer for a situation is “that’s a cool t-shirt.” Project Awkward actually can understand similar phrases such as “I love your T-shirt. Where did you get that?” “Nice T-shirt,” “I got the same T-shirt,” and so on.
To implement these features, I used the Azure SDK for Unity 3D and Oculus Rift microphone input.


Unity3D, Oculus Rift, Microsofe Azure NLP(LUIS)


Whole structure programming with Unity 3D, Azure NLP implementation

MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon 2019
Massachusetts, Winter 2019